What happens when you get fired

Today I was fired for the fourth time in the past year. I know, what a loser right? That was my first thought too. I thought, how could I be this pathetic? How could I be so stupid that I can’t hold down a simple job? How am I ever going to have a future with someone if I can’t be responsible enough to receive a consistent paycheck? What is wrong with me?

I reached out to the people closest to me, asking them the same questions I was asking myself. As much as they tried to help, it was useless. It’s not like anything they said would make me feel better about myself. Then it hit me. It’s not like anything they said would make me feel better about myself. Because this isn’t about them at all is it? This is about me. After that thought crossed my mind, it was followed by about a million more. Here are a few of those thoughts.

It’s not you. It’s the job.

Now this isn’t necessarily always true. But in most cases, it is. When people get fired from jobs, more often than not it’s because they were not giving the job the kind of dedication and work every job deserves. I was not giving this job anywhere near my all. Why? Because I didn’t care. I wasn’t passionate about this job and for me, that’s everything. For me, no happy = no worky. Some people will say, you have to pay your dues and all that mumbo jumbo, and they’re right…to an extent. Sometimes a job is just not for you and that’s okay.

This is not the end of the world.

So you found out a job wasn’t right for you…so what? On to the next one. Being fired can be a make it or break it moment for you. Of course the initial meltdown is okay and definitely will happen. But then pick up the pieces, bury them six feet deep and move on from it. There are millions of jobs out there. One of them will hire you. This job is not the last one you’ll ever have. A girl (or boy) has gotta eat.

Your job does not define your worth.

 If you learn nothing else in life, learn this. Your job status does not determine who you are or what you’re worth. What your boss thinks of you, does not define you. A job is what you do during the day (or night) to pay for the things you do when you’re not working. Keep that in mind. Getting fired from any job, no matter what it is, doesn’t make you pathetic and it doesn’t make you a bad person.

You will be okay.

This one doesn’t need an explanation. Just trust it. You will move forward. You will have a bright future. You will be okay.


What happens when you get fired